[thelist] Need to crack my own zip password

Tim Luoma luomat at peak.org
Sat Dec 13 01:04:26 CST 2003

I've just deleted a significant portion of a website that I haven't worked 
on for a long time.

My backups are in a zip file that I put a password on (it was a zip of my 
entire "My Documents" and included confidential materials).

Of course the password is several years old now, and I don't remember it.  
I've tried all the usual suspects and none of them work.

Does anyone know of a good (realllly preferably free, since I'll just use
it once) crack for zip files?  The problem is that I usually pick rather
strong passwords (8 characters, letters, numbers, and punctuation).

The file is 461mb, so I can't send it anywhere, and I'd rather unzip it 
myself, since it still contains NDA'd materials (albeit a few years old).

Thoughts appreciated.


<tip title="Backups" author="Timothy J. Luoma"> 

Backup drives are cheap these days.  Grab yourself a Firewire drive and
backup your entire drive.  It's easy (meaning you are more likely to do
it).  And DON'T put your backups in a compressed file, because if that one
file is corrupted, everything can be lost.

And don't password protect it without making sure that at least one other 
person knows the password.  Store it somewhere safe instead.

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