[thelist] Parsing *.htm on an IIS (5.0) server THANKS

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sun Dec 14 07:24:26 CST 2003

>Q1) What do you mean by "parse"?

I want embedded SSI command to "work"..... that is all

>If you want that extension mapped to an ISAPI extension, then either:
>a) you need to be an administrator (you can either use the GUI tools, or the
>adustil.vbs command line tool)
>     -or-
>b) the hosting company needs to make some kind of tool available to you (eg
>some kind of web based frontend that runs with the appropriate permissions
>to make the changes). You can't do it yourself via some kind of config file.

Noted and pursuing, I think the work I am getting
from the "now" webmistress is on an inherited site for which
she has little knowledge other than the FTP details?

>Q2) CHMOD only works on *nix machines. There you have three basic sets of
>permissions - you, your group and the world. NTFS permissions work very
>differently. Each user and/or each group that exists on the machine, and the
>domain in which the machine resides can be granted/denied permissions. That
>makes a tool like CHMOD unsuitable for manipulating permissions (since the
>ACL on the folder/file might have several dozen groups listed). Why do you
>need to change permissions?

don't KNOW I need to, just want a script that will run from the browser
URL line to work when embedded in a page..... not a typical FTP'd as "644" 

>Also, it is quite unusual that an IIS hosted site wouldn't be available via
>Frontpage Server Extensions, or WebDav, both of which are a bit more
>flexible than FTP...

Back to the present webmistress needing to get on to the host for this info

Guess it is over to her now, or we move the site to a UNIX/Apache server ;)

Thanks again Ken!

>Microsoft MVP - Windows Server (IIS)

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