[thelist] site check request (for my first interview!)

Timothy J. Luoma luomat at peak.org
Thu Jan 1 14:51:09 CST 2004

Marc Seyon said:

> 1. Where did our lovely blue background go? We were really
> attached to that.

a) The blue background is actually a new creation.  The page was recently  
designed before the person either left or was let go.  So they aren't  
going to be very attached to it.

b) "Any dark background will make it much harder to read, unless we make  
the font size much larger.  Since most of audience is likely to be older,  
we should make sure to reduce eye strain.  Dark backgrounds can also make  
it more difficult to select text, since it can be hard to tell what is  
selected and what is not."

(What I'd like to say: "the blue background is crap!  ick! yuck!")

> 2. There's an awful lot of scrolling. We hear people don't
> scroll much on this here Internet.

	"Most users have figured out that they need to scroll.  They are used to  
the scroll bar from Word and other programs, and have figured out what it  
means online as well.

	"By giving them most information, especially on the start page, it will  
be easier for them to find what they want without having to click through  
several different screens.

	"Also, the explanations will help people who aren't familiar with the  
site to learn what is available, as well as where to figure out where to  

	How does that sound?

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