[thelist] site check request (for my first interview!)

Olwen Williams webmaster at handyman.co.nz
Thu Jan 1 11:40:06 CST 2004

I hadn't take a look earlier, but do think that Marc has a point over 
the blue.  I suspect that they may be very attached to the blue and 
white. With your layout blue for the overall background rather than 
beige would work.  Some of the fonts were quite a lot bigger than my 
defaults (at least in Mozilla).

Also the top section, with the logo and menu are a slightly different 
width to the rest.  Narrower in a small browser wisth and wider in a 
larger width.

Some areas like the list of churches might benefit from more than one 
columen and the front page may also look more interesting with more than 
one column.

Also a thought - I went to the Presbytery Minutes page

It's a good idea to put the dates in reverse order.  Makes it easy to 
find the latest (which is of most interest)

Marc Seyon wrote:

> Hey Tim
> Just thinking a couple comments/questions they might throw at you:
> 1. Where did our lovely blue background go? We were really attached to 
> that.
> 2. There's an awful lot of scrolling. We hear people don't scroll much 
> on this here Internet.
> Good luck.
> regards.
> -marc
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