[thelist] legal questions

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Mon Jan 5 15:00:26 CST 2004

Message from Brian Cummiskey (1/5/2004 05:49 AM)
>Hi everyone.  Hope 2004 is doing well for you all so far.
>I happened to go to an old client's site to see if anything was changed, 
>and to my suprise, there was an entire new layout from a different firm or 
>individual.  However, a lot of my old content and database structure were 
>re-used, simply plugged into the new template so to speak.
>My point is that I'm not trying to sue the guys...  Mainly, I want to use 
>the site in my portfolio.  Since technically, 80% of the site is still MY 
>coding, but looks totally different that what i developed for them, where 
>do I stand?

You should have the site code stored locally, and you can use that, or 
generate screenshots from it to use in your portfolio. When referencing it, 
say xyz.com, 200x-200x or whatever period it was your design was used.

I'll leave the other legal questions to those more experienced in dealing 
with such situations. All I'll say is, is it worth it to you, from 
financial and goodwill standpoints, to pursue the company for continuing to 
use content you developed for them? Even if you do end up have a strong 
case to do so.


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