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Tue Jan 6 04:18:33 CST 2004

Below is a simple axample of a wordlist found on the web.

Other wordlists are available from http://www.cotse.com/tools/wordlists.htm

The list is split up into 2

package padova page pages 
pagine paid paintings pakage palestians pals pansa paolo papasawn paper parading 
parallel parker parolj part participate participating/new particular 
particularly partner parts party pas pass passe passing-by passion passive 
passport password passwords passwrd past pat path pathetic pathological 
pathology paths patiently pattern patterns pawns pay paying payment pc pcs pd 
pdabench pdfs pdt peace peepoles peeps peer pelting penetrate penetrating pens 
pentagon people peoples per percent perception perceptions perfect performing 
perhaps period periods permits perpetrator persists person personal 
personalangaben personalities personalities---wonder personality personally 
personals personnelles personnels persons persoonlijke perspectives perusing 
pesky pete pffff phew philip philippines phillip philosophical phone phonebook 
phoney phony photo photographs photos php phrocrew phrocrew-- phrocrew@ 
phrocrew at yahoo phrocrew at yahoo.com phrozen physical pic pick pickles picture pictures piece pieces 
piena pig pigeon pigeons pigs pile pipe pisma piss pissed pitcher pithy pity 
pizdu pl pl/en place placed places plain plaintive plan planet planning 
plantation planted plates platform play played players playing pleasant please 
pleasures plenty plug plus pm png po pocket poem poetry point pointed pointers 
pointing points poisoned poiuytrewq poking police police_judiciaire at fed policy 
politcal polite politely political politique pools poor pop pop-up pop-ups 
popstars popular popup popups porn porn-sites portal porter porting portions 
ports positions possed possession possibility possible possibly post posted 
poster posters postgresssql posting posting/type postings posts potential pouche 
poultices poursuivre power ppl pr practice practises prank pravda precious 
predica prefer preferably preferences prepare prepositions presentable president 
pressed prete pretend pretended pretenzii pretty previous pri price pricked 
primarily prime printed printers priority privacy privacy.htm private privately 
privatpolitik prob probably problem problems problems procedure proceed process 
processor produce produced product productive professional profile profiles 
profit profound program programers programmer programmers programming programs 
progress proidet project promise promises pronunciation proof propaganda 
propensity proper properly propri prosper prosto protect protected protection 
protections protector proud prov provacation prove proves provide provided 
provider providers provides providing province provinces provincia provoke 
provoked proxie proxies proxy prunes prv ps pseudonyms psssh psychopath public 
publicadvertising publically publicly publiek publiquement publish published 
puddles pull pulled punctuation punk punks purchase pure puristic purity purpose 
purposes pursue pursuing pursuit pussyfootin put putting pyramid qdr qmail 
qmail at web qualify quality queen queer queries query querys quest question 
questions queue qui quick quickly quiet quisinsky quit quite quiz quota quote 
quoted quotes quoting r/l r at ge race radioactive rage rain raindrops raking 
rambleings ramifications random range rank ranking ranshe rant ranting 
rapport at jur rare rarely rashid rate rather ratsam rave raw raz rdert re reach 
react reaction read read-only reading reads ready real reality realize really 
reams reason reasoning reasons recall recap receipt receive received recent 
recently recipes recognition recognize recollect recommand recorded recording 
records recruited red redemption redirects redundancy reevaluate reference 
referenced references referers referrer/user refresh regarding regards regime 
register registered registering registration regret regrettable regroups regular 
regulars reject rejects related relationship relative released releases relevant 
religion relying remain remains remember remembered reminder remotely removal 
remove removed rendition rene rep repaired repeat repeatedly repeaters repeats 
replaced replied reply reply-to report reported reporting reports repository 
repost reposting reposts reproach reputation request requests reread res 
research resembles resend reset resides resource resources respect 
respectably-compressed respond responding response responses ressources rest 
restart restored restoring restrictions restrictive result resulted results 
retaliated retaliation retaliatory rethoric retrieve retrieved return 
return-path returned returns reused reuters reveal revealed revealing revenge 
reverse reversing reviewed ricerca rich rid riddle ridiculous riel right ringing 
rip ripp ripped ripped-off ris rise risk ritz river rizome rizome at i-cobalt rl ro 
roboant robot role rolled rome rope rotten rough rovigo rphonebook rter ru 
ru at f17 rude rules ruling run running runs rural rushkoff russia russian rv sacco 
sack sad saddam saddam's sadly safe said sailed sake sakes sale sam same sample 
sapling sat satire satis satisfied saturday sauces save saved saw say sayin 
saying says scam scamalert scammed scammer scammers scamming scams scan 
scandinavian scanned scanning scare scary scenario schedule scheme schen schulz 
schweiz scientific scold scolded scolding scope scrambling scratch scratched 
scratchin scratching scream screaming screen screening screw screwed screwing 
script scripts scroll scrolled scrotum scum scumbag se search search-engine 
search-function searcher searches searching searchlores season sebe sec second 
second-thoughts secondary seconds secret secretariatprd at fr secretly secrets 
section sections secure secureway securing securit security at list see seed seeing 
seek seeker seekers seeking seem seemed seeming seemingly seems seen seens 
seerev sees sein seite self self-censorship self-provided sell selling selves 
semi-helpful semingly send sendig sending sends sense sensi sensory sent 
sentence sentence-constructs sentences sentiments seo seos sep separate 
separated seperate september serch sergei sergey sergi serious seriously serps 
serv server servers serveur service services serving sesid set setting settle 
seven several sex sex-machine shall shallow shalt shame shandy share sharing 
sharon sharp she shed shells sherlock sherwood shines shipping shirts shit 
shitbag shity shiver shoe shop shopkeeper short shorts shot should shoulder 
shouldn shouldn't shout shouts show showed shows showsrc shtml shuffle shut 
shutting sic sicut sid side side-effects sided sideeffect sie sigh sign signed 
signing silence silent silentes silly similar similia simple simpler simply 
since sing single sink sissies sit site?s site site's sites sitesearch sittin 
situation sizable size skin skipping skips skopirovat skunk sky skydesigns 
slander slandering slanderous slap slapped slashdotted slaves slay sleep 
sleeping slice slick slight slightly slobo slobotron slobotron-at-mail slova 
slow slowly slsk slumber slushai smachine smachines small small-time smaller 
smart smarter smartly smell smith smogs smoke smokin smoking sms smth smtp smut 
snail sneaker sneaky sniffing snoop snooping snopes snopes.com snowballed so 
so-called so-erik soap social sociopath software soglasen solid solution 
solutions solve solved solver solves some somebody somehow someone someones 
someplace something sometimes somewhat somewhere son songs sonof sons soon 
sooner sooo sophisticated sorry sort sorted sorts sostavit soulseek sound 
sounded sounds sour source sourceforge souvenir sowing sown sp space spaced 
spade spam spaming spammed spammer spammers spamming spams spangdelicious spare 
spawned speak speaker speaketh speaking speaks special specialised specialist 
specialized specially specific specificaly specified spectrum speed spelling 
spend spending spent spider spiders spinsanity spoiled spoke spooky sporting 
sporting-goods sports spot spotted spread spreading springing sprouts spurs 
spyware-free spywareless sql squirel squirrel squirrels ss ssection ssi ssl sss 
stable staff stalk stalked stalker stalkers stalking stand standard stands 
stanford start started starting starts state stated statements states stats 
statue statues status stay stbtclient steal stealing stem step stereotypes sth 
sth. stiletto still stinky stoggie stolen stolen-models stood stool stools stop 
stops store story storyid stottern straitjacket strange stratagem stratagems 
strategic strategical strategy stray straylight streamable street streets 
strength strict string strong stronger structure structured struggling stuck 
students studied studing study stuff stupid stupidity style subhuman subject 
submitted subscribe subscribtion subscription subsequent subtle subtley subtly 
success sucecess such suck suckered sucking sudden suddenly sue suffice 
sufficient suggest suggestion suggestions suisse suitable suited suka summaries 
summary summer sunday super super-stalker superfluous supply support supported 
supports suppose supposed supprimer sure surely surf surname surprises 
surprisingly surprize survival survive suspected suspicions suspicious 
sustainable svoi swamp swap sweatheart sword sword-- swords syllable symetric 
syntax system systran t35 tactic tactics tags taire take taken takes taking talk 
talkin talking talks tam tangler tantrums tanya tapes target targets tasks taste 
tates tatics tatigkeiten tatyana tbs tea teacher team team-mail-ru at f17 team at mail 
teases tebya technical technically technique techniques technology teenz tel 
telephon telephone tell telling tells telltaler telok template temporarily 
tempus tenths ter terayon terms terrestrial terrible terrorist terroriste 
terroristent terrorists test testerday testiculos text texts th than thank 
thanks that s that that's that- thats thatthey the theboard theft their them 
theme themes themselves then theoretically theorical theory there there's 
therefore theregister these they they're they've thief thier thin thing things 
think thinking thinks third thirst this this- thorns thos those though thought 
thoughts thousands thread thread-bumping thread-enemy threads threat threatened 
threatening threats three through throughout thrown thumping thus tibi ticket 
tickets tide tie tied tigen tigkeiten til till tilling time timely timeperiod 
times timezones timing tiny tip tiporich tips tired title titles tm to to-do 
today together token told tolerance tom tommarrow tomorrow tongue tongues 
tonight tons too took tool tools tools toolz toopliable top topic toppled 
torrent torrents torrentse total totally tounge tower town traced track 
trackengine tracker tracking tracks trade traffic trailing transaction transfer 
transfer-encoding translate translating translation translations trap trapattoni 
travels tre treats tree trees treviso trial trials trick tricks tricky tried 
tries tripping troll trollie trolling troopers trouble troubles true trueloves 
trully truly trunk trust trusted truth try tryin trying tsch tsh tsheps 
tsokol at bk tsr turin turned turning turns tutorial tv tvoix tvs twentythree twice 
twig two twofold ty type typed tyrant uh uhh uhu uidl uin uk uk/fravia uk6 
ukrainian ukrains ukstory ukstory/0 ulcer um unaware unbelievably uncensored 
uncollated und undecided undeliverable under underestimate underscore understand 
understandable understanding understood undoubtably une unemployed unexperienced 
unfair unfolding unfortunately ungesetzliche ungesetzlichen uninvited unique 
unit university unix unknown unless unlike unlikely unlimited unlisted unmasked 
unnamed unofficial unprecedented unproven unprovoked unpublished unreasonable 
unsubstantiated untergrund until unusual unwanted up update updated updates 
updating upgrade upgraded upload uploaded upon upper ups upstream upwards ure 
urge url urls us us-ascii usa usage usd use used useful usefull useless usenet 
user users uses using uslishesh uslovii uspassword usual usually utf utilize 
vacation vain valentinecookies valse value vam van variable variant variation various vary vast vbs ve ve venetian 
venetic veneto venice venture verbs verfolgen verification verify verleumdung 
verona versa version versions very vi via vianello vice vicenza victim victims 
video vienello view viewer violated violating violation violin virii virtual 
virtualave virus vision visiting visitors visits voiced voicenet voila volume 
volumes vom von vonyuchaya vorhanden vous voyeurs vr vs vse vsegda vsyakie 
vulgar vulnerable vvf vy wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaay wachtwoorden waffle wait waitin 
waiting wal wal-mart walk walking walks wall wander wandering wanders wanly want 
wanted wants war warming warrior was wasn wasn't wasnt wastage waste wasted 
wastefully wasting watch watch/tape watchthatpage water watson way wayback ways 
we we'd we'll we're weab weakness weapons weather weavers web web-cliffs 
web-forums web-mail webarchive webfog webhists webhits webhosting webmaster 
webmaster at edsb webmasters webmasterworld websites websmoke webspace wednesday 
weeding weeeeeeee week weekend weft weg weight weilding weird welcome welcomed 
well welle wellfare wells welp went were weren't werent wet what whatever 
whatshisname whatshisname- wheat when when/if where whereas wherever whether 
whew which while whilst whit white whithout whn who whoa whoelse whoever whois 
whole whom whoohoo whose why wich widely widespread wife will win win32 window 
windows windoze wir wire wisdom wise wish wistfully with with-hypens within 
without witnesses wizards wobot-hunting woman women won won't wonder wonderful 
wondering wonders wondrous wont wood woohoo wooo word word-use words work 
workarounds worked working works workshop world worldwide worm worried worries 
worry worse worth would wouldn wow wrap wrapped write writes writing written 
wrong wrote ws ws_ftp wth www wwwwwwwww x-cabal x-distribution x-hd x-mailer 
x-mimeole x-msmail-priority x-newsreader x-originating-ip x-priority x-uidl 
xaknuli xodi xuya xx xxx xxxx y.o y.o. ya yah yah-all yahoo yahoo/hotmail 
yahoogroups yankee yda yeah year years yeh yehhh yell yellow yep yer yes 
yesterday yet you?re you you'd you'll you're you at are young younger your yours 
yourself yourselves yrs yuber yuck yup yyyttt yyyttt at trueloves 
yyyttt at yyyttttrueloves yyytttchessbase at yahoo z--------------------n z-zz-z 
zaitzeva zanon zanovo zasunut zavyazat zb zenful zero zg zh zig zijn zillion zip zipped zite zozzoz zu zyx zz ~seeker~ ~s~ ~tpnd ~x~
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