[thelist] Browser Stats for IE/Mac Online?

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 6 11:17:57 CST 2004

>One of the best stats packs for browser/platforms etc.
>is the.counter which aggregates traffic to many sites.
>A great amount of data is analyzed - I've found it be
>very reliable.
>(browsers for April 2003 - most recent avail.)

An even better stats site is www.reinvigorate.com/system

It has current global stats, as opposed to TheCounter's stats that end in 
May last year, and I can personally guarantee the browser detect script it 
uses because the owner was smart enough to copy mine.

I can wholeheartedly recommend reinvigorate to anyone needing stats.

Oh yes, it's free.

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