[thelist] VB6 MAPI and Scheduled Tasks

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Wed Jan 7 11:12:11 CST 2004

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> We've written a VB6 app which uses MAPI to poll a mailbox. We intended to
> use this as a Scheduled Task but it does not work (error 32026)
> because MAPI > cannot be run under a service (apparently). The app
> runs fine from the command line.
> Has anyone experienced this before?


I have tried to use MAPI in a similar way before.  I was able to make it
work as a "scheduled job" when I ran it under SQL's Job Agent instead of a
Windows Scheduled Task.

> Do you need to use CDO instead?

The functionality of CDO and MAPI are not necessarily the same.  Depending
on what you want to do CDO may be a reasonably alternative.

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Joshua Olson
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