[thelist] Jukebox to stream mp3's over a network

Eveline e.vanhemel at pandora.be
Thu Jan 8 06:06:16 CST 2004

Hi All,

I have the following problem. Somebody asked me to create a Jukebox for playing on a local network. They have an Apache webserver with all their songs in a subdirectory of the www-directory. What they now would like me to create is a player that can be installed on the clients and where they have a possibility to browse through the songs on the server and play them locally. It is NOT permitted that songs are downloaded to the client, so streaming technology is needed.

Since this is only for use on a local network, I thought of having a look at Macromedia Director to this. Is there anybody of you who knows how I can achieve this? What I know is that Director offers support for streaming mp3 files. Don't hesitate if you know another way of doing this where Director is not involved.

Thanks in advance,

Eveline Vanhemel    

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