[thelist] opinions on logos

Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Thu Jan 8 08:02:42 CST 2004

--------------- Joel D Canfield wrote: --------------- 
: Opinions?
: http://joelthewebguy.com/logos.asp
: Whatever comes pops into your head . . .
: joel
: (it's b&w 'cause I haven't decided on colors yet, not 'cause it's
: b&w) 

Both feel very informal (not necessarily bad) and are decent 
typographically.  I tend more towards the serifing of the left-most
logo, personally, rather than the engraving of the right-most. To be
completely honest though, neither really 'pops' for me as my old
graphics professor used to love to say.  Could be good for a personal
site/blog though... but for a business, I would lean more towards 
iconography and evocative imagery.  Also, please take this with a 
grain of salt, because I have ALWAYS struggled with logos.

Stephen Caudill

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