[thelist] Re: Safari cacheing all CSS bg images - solved

Dunstan Orchard dunstan at 1976design.com
Fri Jan 9 10:49:53 CST 2004

Ah, I see on the Safari web site (why didn't you go there before 
Dunstan?) that this problem has been highlighted and fixed.

At least I hope it has, that's what Dave's post seems to imply.


So, I guess the answer is: Go download a new versin of Safari :o)

Cheers - Dunstan

Dunstan Orchard wrote:
> I've had two emails from Safari users saying that when they visit the 
> site ( http://www.1976design.com/blog/ ) their browsers download ALL of 
> the images refered to in my style sheets - even though they're only 
> going to use 1 of them.
> This _isn't_ a problem specific to my site, but it's more noticeable 
> when visiting there because of the large number of images mentioned in 
> the CSS.
> I found this problem has been mentioned before on CSS-D:
> http://archivist.incutio.com/viewlist/css-discuss/35317
> I wondered if anyone had come across any more info on this matter.

Dorset, England
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