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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Fri Jan 9 15:50:05 CST 2004

> When someone asks you to take over or finish a project
> for another developer or developer team, make sure you
> emotionally "take ownership" for the project.  That
> means to get out of the mindset that "sorry, the last
> developers must've put that bug in there" is a valid
> excuse.  Make sure you estimate in the time necessary
> to correct ALL mistakes and problems created by the
> last crew.

<tip type="Projects" author=".jeff">

When taking over a project built by someone else for the initial purpose of
bug-fixing, it is financially wise to not quote the bug fixes, but rather do
the work by the hour.  If you work fast and fix alot, the client won't care
that it's by the hour, but instead think you're sent from heaven.  However,
don't mix bug-fixing/hourly work with new/estimate work as that'll only
cloud the issue.  At the point where you feel confident taking ownership of
the project, the bug-fix/hourly option goes out the window completely in
order to maintain professionalism.



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