[thelist] Building A linux Server

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Sun Jan 11 11:58:33 CST 2004

JP wrote:

>Good day,
>Just wondering if you kind folks could point me to some resources for
>turning my old Win98, Athalon 700, Asus MB, system into a Linux web/ftp/mail
>server.  I found a couple of articles at Webmonkey but they are from '99.
>Thanks a Heap,
My suggestion would be to either start with something like Knoppix, 
which allows you to play around with Linux without the need of 
installing it. Once you do wish to do an actual install, then head on 
over to Mandrake and download the 3 ISOs needed for their distro.

Mandrake is probably about the easiest distro to install and is probably 
even easier then windows XP. Once you have the ISOs, head on over to


This is probably the most helpful community on the net for any distro. 
The forum is not associated with Mandrake in any official way, but is 
still the best support community out there.


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