[thelist] CSS Question: Horizontal scrolling within DIV - Solved (kind of)

Minh Lee Goon evolt at goonies.info
Mon Jan 12 16:45:54 CST 2004

I'm kind of cheated and solved the problem, but I'd still like to know 
if there is a more graceful way of scrolling horizontally within the DIV.

Here's what I did:

I made a container DIV that is a viewable height and width. Then nested 
a DIV within that which is dynamically set to a specific width 
multiplied by the number of records returned in my query. That extra 
long DIV within the shorter DIV forces the outer DIV to show a 
horizontal scroll bar.

Dirty, but it gets the job done.

Is there a better way, or did I stumble upon the solution?


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