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Ken - P.S. --

See if the school has any ability (and better yet, an established
practice!) to record video of student-related events... I'm thinking of
my 5-year old son's Kindegarten Christmas concert that they put on, and
how cute it would be to see a brief clip of one or two songs they did on
up on the website!

If you could establish a space for these types of items, and establish a
regular/routine practice (and incumbent person with responsibilty for
carrying it out, someone hopefully with some basic video camera skills)
of capturing these events for posterity, it'd make a WAY COOL web

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Greetings all. It's been a good 6 months or so since I last followed
thelist (new jobs will do that to a person), but I once again find
myself in a situation where I could use some of evolt's collective
knowledge. (I've been keeping up with web dev in my spare time, but
that's no substitute for doing it professionally. I've got some catching
up to do!)

But anyway, back on topic...

Do any of you know of any good elementary school websites? Those of you
with children in primary or elementary school -- what would you *like*
to see in a school website?

Obviously anything a school can do to foster communication between the
parent, school, teacher, and student is our primary focus. We're putting
all forms and applications, student records, homework assignments, etc.

I just can't help but feel that we're overlooking some things.

Thanks in advance!


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