[thelist] Confidentiality Agreement... J Album Tips

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 05:10:30 CST 2004

I need a client to be brought in to some of my highway research work HOWEVER
I do not want him passing this on to "the competition" with whom he does 
some business

Has anyone got a confidentiality agreement in word form that might do the 
trick? something to make him sweat
while he reads it.....


Such an off topic post requires......

<tip type="Jalbum index page names" author="John C Bullas">

In your rush to try out alternative filenames for the index pages when using
packages that generate a directory structure such as Jalbum 
ensure that internal and external links to this album still point to the 
new index pages (say album_index.htm)
AND that a redirect exists for those trying to access the root of the album 
(which defaults to index.htm etc etc).

You may also wish to disable indexing as a change from index.html opens 
your directories up to viewing
if indexing is not explicitly prevented.

You may discover this fact when your changes 'appear' to be missing... 
check the architecture!
Remember to remove remnants of older builds or delete the target 
directories contents in entirety
before hitting "rebuild"


<tip type="Generating Web Albums for Free" author="John C Bullas">

Jalbum (http://www.datadosen.se/jalbum/) provides a very flexible free 
method of generating
web albums both generating the thumbnails and the final images cut down to 
size (no need to edit your
3000x5000 images!). Investigate modifying slide.htt and index.htt to 
display your own customised
headers and footers and other content .

Investigate the addin to use one image from each directory as an icon

Before you embark copy the directory of the skin of your choice to one 
appended with your name so
E:\JAlbum\skins\BlueExhibit170 becomes E:\JAlbum\skins\JP_BlueExhibit170 
(maybe) work in that one
and if you mess it all up you have a clean reference... save all working 
revisions of your templates
as you go marking changes with comment lines in the code...Use "find files 
containing text" to locate strings
found in the final album you need to modify in the skin folder ( the .htt 
files should be all you need to change
over the settings in the package front end...)

IMPORTANT Editing the .htt files using a smart html editor like Dreamweaver 
may lead to changes that stop the file working
as the .htt files are used ONLY for generating the final pages and ARE NOT 
"REAL" HTML that would pass any
validator... use Notepad or WordPad instead.....

Watermarks: Changes to the watermark setting requires a REBUILD to 
regenerate the images, logos may also be embedded
in the images (check the website 'filters' page)


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