[thelist] Displaying Records By Date Later Than Current Date (MySQL + PHP)

kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Tue Jan 20 07:18:20 CST 2004

>This table stores all the meetings that my client is holding or has held. 
>For a "forthcoming meetings" page, I need to display any meetings that 
>have a date later or equal to today's date.
>I've googled this to death, but I must be losing my search technique cos 
>I've yet to solve my problem - can anyone help?
>Unix server, PHP page outputting XHTML 1.0, MySQL 4.0.16-Max.

depending on how you're storing dates (unix timestamp? mysql date format? 
other?) set $date to the same format then just query the database for 
records to fit

eg if unix timestamp
$date = mktime();
$sql = "select meetings from table where date >= '$date' order by date";
$results = mysql_query($sql, your_connection_stuff_here);



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