[thelist] Newsletter Program

Eveline e.vanhemel at pandora.be
Tue Jan 20 08:12:34 CST 2004

Hi List,

Within a few weeks I am starting on a new project for my company. It is
going to be a program for our customers that enables them to create their
newsletters online. On the standard level they will be provided with a form
where they can supply their text and images (both file upload and selection
of standard images). This is of course no problem. What we also would like
to add as an extra feature is the ability to let them decide on the lay-out
of the newsletters. Preferrably we would like to do that by dragging and
dropping the image- and text-layers online. My question now is this possible
without a program like Flash, preferrably with JavaScript? Scripts are
written in php.

All thoughts on this are very much welcomed.

Eveline Vanhemel
Webdeveloper Studio GRFX

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