[thelist] CSS image replacement and printing

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Tue Jan 20 11:11:18 CST 2004

First off, thank you to everyone who made suggestions regarding getting 
an expiring domain.  It's appreciated.

I'm very interested in the various CSS image replacement techniques 
floating around, and while I frequently see discussion regarding screen 
readers and compatibility, I have never seen comments on what to me is 
a far more important issue:  printing.

It seems to me that using these techniques would cripple any pages that 
someone tries to print out, as most browsers don't print backgrounds by 
default.  Of those that do print backgrounds, some of those will, for 
example, scale the size of the webpage to fit the paper page, but the 
background does not get scaled -- which means the picture gets clipped. 
  (IIRC, Opera does this)

I understand that you could make a print style sheet (for those 
browsers that understand such a thing), but that would radically change 
the "polished" graphic appeal that is the entire point of Image 

Does anyone have any techniques or ideas to avoid these issues?  Am I 
overstating the problem?  This is pretty much the last issue remaining 
that prevents me from using Image replacement, but it seems to be a 
tough one.


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