[thelist] Combobox

Maganizo Monawe mmonawe at poly.ac.mw
Tue Jan 20 02:16:21 CST 2004

Hie Everyone,
I have just subscribe to the list. i have been told that i will be sent a
confirmation message very soon. I have a problem where i have little time.
I suppose you could assist as i am waiting to confirm to the list.

i have several comboboxes and text boxes on my web page which i created
using php and mysql.

with the comboboxes, i would like to do the following:

1. when i select a value in one combobox, i want the values in another
combobox to change depending on the value i selected.
2.when i click a combobox it should bring up values depending on the value
in another text box.

i am new to php and mysql. i can do basic operations of course with both.

your help will be greatly appreciated.


Maganizo Monawe,
Information Specialist,
The Malawi Polytechnic,
P/Bag 303,
BT 3.
Cenral Africa.
Tel:+265 1 670 411

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