[thelist] dynamic Combobox using php

Steve Lewis nepolon at worlddomination.net
Tue Jan 20 14:07:23 CST 2004

Take a look at this article from the Evolt website to begin.

As a hint, you will perform all of the data-gathering in PHP for all the 
possible combinations.  First read the article and take some quick notes 
on the information you need to provide to the browser to make all the 
javascript work correctly.  Next, do all of your PHP and MySQL queries 
to gather that data and then use PHP to write out the proper select 
fields  (comboboxes in Microsoft lingo) and supporting data.  Then 
implement the system in the article, itself.

The PHP and MySQL part of this task are not the most challenging part of 
the job, the challenging part is the dynamic behavior that Chris 
Heilmann has outlined in the article.  All of the PHP work is simple:  
get info, loop over records, output key datapoints.  You will want to 
keep a browser window open to http://www.php.net while you get familiar 
with the details of the various PHP functions/methods you will use.  The 
rest should provide a good exercise for the reader.


Maganizo Monawe wrote:

>Hie Everyone,
>i have several comboboxes and text boxes on my web page which i created using php and mysql.
>with the comboboxes, i would like to do the following:
>1. when i select a value in one combobox, i want the values in another combobox to change depending on the value i selected.
>2.when i click a combobox it should bring up values depending on the value in another text box.
>could any one help with this
>i am new to php and mysql. i can do basic operations of course with both.
>your help will be greatly appreciated.
>Maganizo Monawe,
>Information Specialist,
>The Malawi Polytechnic,
>P/Bag 303,
>BT 3.
>Cenral Africa.
>Tel:+265 1 670 411

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