[thelist] Am I asking the wrong question?

Martha Hesselein mhessel at forwardconsulting.com
Wed Jan 21 16:39:23 CST 2004

I'm looking to hire a freelance web programmer for a couple of websites each
year (ranging from 10 to 400 pages).  I have my concept/content/copy person,
my graphic artist, my navigation/user experience/anxious overseer (that
would be me) and now I need an (X)HTML programmer who knows more than I do
(I've been coding the simple, mostly static sites we have done to date).
Someone who keeps abreast of standards, cross-browser issues, understands
search engine issues, knows their way around a database or two...

I thought they were everywhere, lurking under every bush.  But when I placed
an ad in the local newspaper (I thought it would be convenient to meet
one-on-one), I got php/MySql experts who don't do HTML or people who are
still using *lots* of deprecated tags and know neither CSS nor php.

And I have yet to view a source code that has a doc type.  Am I asking for
too much from the same person?  Methinks these people must have all the work
they want, and that's why I haven't gotten my dream candidate to respond.
BTW, I didn't specify any rates, just asked for a fee structure.  I mean,
crikey, I'm willing to pay good money for good work...

So, am I asking the wrong question, or should I just cast my net a little



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