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the statement made about hiring a good lawyer to draft "legal" docs is a
good/sensible thing to do.

however, for some reason i inferred that the original poster didn't have the
resources to actually shell out the $$$ to hire a lawyer, thus the reason
he/she was here looking for information/pointers!


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Confidentiality Agreements are simple things.

I am gonna show you some stuff, you cannot pass it on or share it with
anybody else than me.

This is a gross simplification, as any negotiation such as web design
implies Confidentiality, from the simple, as in a third party vendor
relationship to your client, which is necessary in order to understand thier
business process to enable you to understand how they make thier money,
allowing you to present them in the best possible light.

They also get restrictive to the point that you are locked into agreements
of Non-Disclosure that may restrict your freedom and personal posessions for
revealing information to third parties.

> check out www.findlaw.com. a great resource for looking at contracts/legal
> docs to get a good feel as to how they can be created...

Spend the money for a contract lawyer, one who builds and litigates
contracts for a living. There is a vast difference between a general lawyer
and a litigator.

My attorney puts it like this, 'your contract is only as good as your first
appearence in court'.

Where you live and where your client lives are extremely important in
creating such a document.
Spend the money for a contract lawyer

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