[thelist] border="1"

Dave Holloway daveholloway at spamcop.net
Sat Jan 24 07:22:10 CST 2004

Mike Combs wrote:

> But the cell borders remain. Is there some CSS I've overlooked to 
> override the HTML?
Hmm.. well. I couldn't really reproduce your error (in Firebird) when I 
set up a test page (the CSS in your original post sorted the problem).. 
but if you haven't fixed it yet and you're not against using some mild 
javascript, I have written a sample page.
The script on the page dynamically removes the border="1" from the HTML 
- hopefully making Mozilla ignore it.

The border="1" is only removed in newer browsers. Older browsers will 
still see it.

Hope this helps.


Little Dave

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