[thelist] asp ... I'm beginneing to believe one can't reallyupdate a record using it! :(

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sat Jan 24 18:16:51 CST 2004

This is incorrect (this bit about giving IIS Write permissions). That would
allow remote users to write content to your server directly over HTTP. You
*don't* want this.

Laura, you will need to modify your NTFS permissions - allow the anonymous
Internet user account (IUSR_<Machinename>) modify permissions on the folder
that the Access database resides in, and the file itself.

The steps for doing so are outlined in this MS KB article:

Another good site for common questions/problems with IIS and ASP is

If you leave your Access database inside your webroot, then you don't want
someone to download your database by doing
http://yourserver/yourDatabase.mdb. To stop this, you do remove IIS "Read"
permissions for the folder in question (just make sure there are no other
files in that folder, except files you don't want downloaded).

To do this, open the IIS MMC Snapin (in the Admin tools folder), expand your
default website, then locate your folder. Right-click, choose Properties, on
the Directory tab, clear the "Read" checkbox


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From: "Joel Morris" <joelm at citycent.com>
Subject: RE: [thelist] asp ... I'm beginneing to believe one can't
reallyupdate a record using it! :(

: Hi Laura --
: You are correct - it is most likely a "permissions" problem.
: You need to set "write" privileges in IIS on the directory where your
: Access database resides, and on the Access database. Since you don't
: want anybody to just download the database, you should deny "read"
: privileges on that directory as well.
: I usually put the database in its own directory by itself so you're
: not denying "read" ability on regular web pages.
: These are settings in IIS - not your ASP code - so that is where you
: can modify those settings.
: Let me know if you need any further help (IIS is not my area of
: expertise, but I can usually click and un-click things until I get it
: right).
: Best, Joel Morris
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: > The message I get is:
: > Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)
: > Operation must use an updateable query.
: >
: > Having searched on this error message, there seems to be a
: > wide consensus
: > the problem is
: >
: > IUSR_MACHINENAME and what I must do is provide this entity
: > with some more
: > permissions.
: >
: > Good enough.
: >
: > After hours of web-searching, the only pertinent advice on
: > HOW TO improve
: > IUSR_MACHINENAME's permission, is to ask your internal web guy.
: >
: > Being an organization of one, I asked myself and got no
: > coherent answer.
: >
: > There was only one other piece of advice I could get, and
: > this advice - lots
: > of sites concurred. That is "giving permissions is dangerous to do.
: >

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