[thelist] (1) Eudora to text

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sun Jan 25 05:23:51 CST 2004

At 18:43 24/01/2004, you wrote
>You should just be able to drag and drop the .mbx file onto your text 
>editor and view it.

You deserve a prize for this one, thanks for the tip YES it delivers text 
in wordpad!!!
A simple and effective solution ... after all it is Eudora and not Outlook 
Express :)

"why didn't I try that?"


<tip type="Eudora" author="John Bullas - info from David Siedband">
If you are being spammed or receiving multiple 404 reports via any email
notification process you might run, and need to access the content of a number
of emails for reporting purposes, copy all the emails to a new mailbox, 
open that mailbox using
notepad or wordpad and ALL the messages will be readable in a single resource
to enable the header details to be combined for reporting or to generate a 
train of events.

Far quicker than opening each message individually but HTML and any other 
code will be delivered as plain text so the content of certain messages may 
need to be
captured via screen dumps if embedded graphics are in there

>On Jan 24, 2004, at 3:57 AM, John C Bullas wrote:
>>(1) Does anyone know of a program to take the whole contents of a Eudora 
>>directory (*.mbx) and
>>spew it out into individual text messages on the hard disk one txt file 
>>-for-one email in a target
>>directory of my choice?

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