[thelist] Let's talk MS

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Sun Jan 25 13:42:50 CST 2004

I am the front-end developer for a certain web team. The technical manager
now wants me to learn how to manage our Win 2K server in the event that it
needs management and he is unavailable. Anything I would do would be by
remote access only, via VPN and Terminal Services.

He said I should look into IIS applications and ISAPI. We use SSL and host
headers as well. We also use COM+, which I understand to be a separate issue
than IIS. I also need to learn the basics of how this works however.

My server management experience is limited to PWS on my Win 2K box, which I
managed to setup (and use daily) without great difficulty. :)

Any pointers as to where to start learning are appreciated.


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