[thelist] Order & Fulfillment management for online store

Mike Maughan mike.maughan at procuratum.com
Mon Feb 2 09:28:07 CST 2004

Hi all:

A UK client of ours has recently revamped its web & ecommerce 
front-end - to some effect, I'm pleased to say - but the legacy 
processes from receipt of a batch of orders to despatch are 
pretty grim.

They want to upgrade these processes ASAP (3 months) and - 
subject to a short list of 'must haves' - are quite prepared to 
scrap all their current processes in that area in favour of 
better ways of working.

Market is retail, small to medium value discretionary and some 
commodity sales (typical order value £40), typical order 1.4 

Orders are card-checked online then downloaded as a batch, 
usually once a day.  The batch file contains customer details, 
card details, product details, delivery address.

Stock is largely picked from local store stock but some items 
come from other warehouses, other (direct delivery) vendors or 
on special order.

Deliveries are to UK only via Royal Mail, Securicor and a couple 
of specialised carriers for particular ranges.

We've looked at Venda (nice but overkill at present and may be 
v. expensive to customise), Xendor (like Venda but does less for 
more money) and a scattering of smaller non-players.

The revenue-payment model from Venda is attractive, but as the 
total budget should be less than £50k for a tactical replacement 
(willing to throw it out in 12 months) I'm interested in 
something at the £10-30k mark which we could customise if 

Any suggestions as to either candidate solutions or places to 
look for more info?

Thanks in anticipation :) 

Mike Maughan, Procuratum Ltd.
mike.maughan at procuratum.com
mobile     +44 (0)7973 620 753
snail      Box 9, Chorley PR7 5GX, UK

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