[thelist] FIR Shortcoming?

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Mon Feb 2 10:57:00 CST 2004

Hi Listees,

Recently, I've been using FIR for most design related images on websites.
Often times, I use something like this:

<div id="header">
[Other stuff]

#header h1 {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  width: 200px;
  height: 42px;

#header h1 span {
  display: none;

It works great and degrades nicely with NN4.x, etc.  The problem I have is
that I ALSO prefer to make logos clickable back to the homepage.  I can't
seem to find the magic combination to make this clickable.

I've tried:

<a href="/"><h1><span>Sitename.com</span></h1></a>
<h1><a href="/"><span>Sitename.com</span></a></h1>
<h1><span><a href="/">Sitename.com</a></span></h1>

The 2nd two obviously won't work because of the display: none on the span.

The 1st won't work because... heck I don't know, it just doesn't work.  :-)

Any thoughts on how to make this work without using JS?

If your curious, my JS solution is the following:

<h1 onclick="top.location.href = '/';" style="cursor:


Joshua Olson
Web Application Engineer
WAE Tech Inc.

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