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Toby Mills toby at tobymills.com
Mon Feb 2 15:50:22 CST 2004

Why not leave the old site available available for the old browsers and use
scripting to divert newer browsers to the new site.

Alternatively create two versions of the site, one for old and one for new.
Otherwise, I just find that creating a site to suit both is a huge waste of
resources and can lead to bulky hideous code.

Though, that just my opinion.


toby mills
web developer & programmer



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  Why tables in your design ? I think that using pure CSS div's and so on
will improve the site accesibility and speed (instead there are almost no
graphics in the layout). Anyway, I like the design, it's simple and easy to

Good question.  Our largest customers are Federal Govt agencies.  About 20%
of the browsers that use our products are Netscape 4.X.

For that reason, it seemed a good idea for our company website to also
support Netscape 4.x too.

Until we lose that requirement, I think we have our hands tied to use tables
for positioning.

The site is accessible anyway.


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