[thelist] IE View Source does nothing?

Kelly Hallman khallman at ultrafancy.com
Mon Feb 2 17:28:02 CST 2004

I have had this problem with IE6 on Win2k and now it's started happening 
with IE6 on XP. When I try to view the page source from anywhere (Edit 
menu, context menu, etc) nothing happens.

This happened on Win2k and I believe it's since begun working again. I 
suspect this may be due to something being set by some unscrupulous web 
page, the kind that buy up all the expired domains and put link sites with 
shady javascript that tries to reset your home page, etc.

Any ideas on a fix for this? Of course this doesn't prevent me from
getting at page source, but it makes life very inconvenient when in IE...


Kelly Hallman
// Ultrafancy

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