[thelist] Query: search engine submission and ranking

Osaurus osaurus at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Feb 3 10:28:52 CST 2004

Hi all,

I wonder if few of you can clarify something for me regarding search-engine
submissions. I'm in the very early stages of setting up a small
web-development business and need to reassure any potential clients that
their websites will be found easily.

I've noticed that most similar businesses offer 'search-engine submission'
to often hundreds of search engines and with impressive frequency (i.e.,
monthly). I don't understand why this is necessary and wonder if it is some
sort of communal marketing trick. I'll explain via the use of a site
recently put online - this is not some sort of plug for the site (it has a
select audience anyway).

The site is: http://www.gcr-rollingstocktrust.co.uk

The issue I have is thus: I have not submitted this site to any
search-engines yet it appears quite successfully in the first pages of most
major search-engines simply by typing in search criteria such as 'gcr',
'great central railway', 'gcr stock', rolling stock trust', etc. There are
lots of websites discussing this subject and also 'gcr' seems to associated
with golfing equipment, tyres, etc. too.

What exactly is happening here? I've heard from other web-developers
websites that it often takes months to get listed at Yahoo and that manual
submission is *all* important. If I can get sites listed on the first few
pages of Google then why on earth would I want to fleece customers for a
service that's not required?

Thanks for your time and any help on this issue appreciated. Am I
overlooking something..?


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