[thelist] Apache: Setting up SSL on local dev machine

Raditha Dissanayake jabber at raditha.com
Mon Feb 2 23:49:23 CST 2004

It is possible to use apache with an 'unverfied' certificate. For linux 
there is a script called CA.sh which can help you generate such a 
script. not sure if it will work on windows though.

Frank wrote:

> I do a lot of e-commerce stuff, and use SSL on the remote servers. For 
> some reason my default installation of Apache 1.3x/Win  doesn't 
> recognize https:// request.  If I point to 
> https://mydomain.com/myproject/index.cfm it just stalls, then the 
> browser times out.
> Can someone suggest how I can get my server to respond to https requests?
> This is a personal development machine, I don't want to spend $ to buy 
> a Thawt certificate. Is this, or other software necessary? I can't 
> seem to wrap my mind around it.
> Thanks.
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