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Stuart Young syoung at unitec.ac.nz
Tue Feb 3 15:50:51 CST 2004

Sorry but there's lots of inaccuracies in this post:

> Don't fret the site will come back in the next 'dance' google does a 
> spring clean once a month sometimes a few relevent sites get thrown out 
> with the bad ones but they always come back. 

While some of the "good" sites that got dropped in the latest Google rankings calculation updates have returned, many have not. Certainly there is no way that you can say that all of them always come back. It is up to webmasters to complain about search terms that produce poorly relevant results and maybe Google will do something about it.

> The dance on average takes place once a month. 

Not since May 2003. The classic Google Dance was the phenomenom that your ranking changed from search to search because the new index was being gradually rolled out across the 10000 google web servers at the 8 google data centers. There are no longer such monthly changes in your ranking because google place more importance to the constant "freshbot" indexing of new content than the main monthly recrawl. 

Also your post seems to imply that the dance was the change in rankings from month to month - instead the dance was the change in rankings from search to search - ie. one search used the old index/rankings and half a minute later the next search used the new index/rankings.

The recent huge and controversial changes are not the return of the norml monthly updates to the index/rankings - these were huge changes to the way that the rankings are calculated.


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