[thelist] tip: OS X - burning bootable CDs

David Siedband david at calteg.org
Tue Feb 3 16:33:03 CST 2004

I just downloaded Knoppix and I was wondering how to burn a bootable 
disc image in OS X.  Here's what I found

<tip type="OS X - burning bootable CDs" author="David Siedband">

To burn a bootable CD from an ISO image under OS 10.3.x open Disc 
which is in the utilities folder in the applications folder.
Select "Burn" from the "Images" menu.  In the window that appears 
locate the ISO you want to burn

In 10.2.x use the Disc Copy program, also in the utilities folder 
(everything else is the same as above)


David Siedband

Oceanic Sky New Media

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