[thelist] dedicated server hosting

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 3 18:04:49 CST 2004

Since I've found them one year ago, I now always recommend www.nost.com
for their support quality and most importantly the administration panel
that comes with any hosting, it's simply faboulous, never seen that
elsewhere. I surf the web since 1997, but I haven't checked that many
hosts on the total, only several dozens.
They're in Quebec, so they do support in french and english. They have a
MSN ID (as well as Yahoo and AOL, etc..) so you can add them as a
buddies and you've got instant support.

The prices are far from the lower I can find, but the others things I
can't find elsewhere.

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This has been asked before but I didn't found anything recent in
archive, so here it goes. Can anyone recommend dedicated server host,
preferably in Canada.

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