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Javed Alam jalam at cc.ysu.edu
Tue Feb 3 20:09:11 CST 2004


I have been researching this myself for a while and found the following 
webhosting companies to be low on prices:


I have not used any of these services so I can not tell you for sure how 
they are. However, they are offering dedicated server almost at half 
price as compared to an average price of $100/month.



PS: I  am trying a virtual linux hosting service that gives you the root 
access that is almost the same thing as having a dedicated server and it 
is using debian linux. The person I am in contact with at this service 
is Peter
and his e-mail address is

ph at korypet.de

So far he has been very helpful and prompt in every respect.

Abramowicz wrote:

>This has been asked before but I didn't found anything recent in archive, so here it goes.
>Can anyone recommend dedicated server host, preferably in Canada.


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