[thelist] serious web designer partnership opportunity!!

bruce bedouglas at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 3 18:44:51 CST 2004


We're looking to talk with a serious Web Designer/Developer to be a Partner
for our Startup. The person should have worked with a number of fairly
public/solid/functional sites. The opportunity will initially be Sweat
Equity as we are building the infrastructure. As a Partner, you will be
eligible to an Equity split in the same manner as the rest of the team. We
prefer the person to already be working with other clients or to already
have employment.

This opportunity can be initially handled on a part time basis. While we are
close to San Francisco, you can be anywhere, as long as you have access to
the Internet.

The basic platform will be Linux/Apache/MySql/Perl/Php/Etc...

You should have serious skills regarding the design of the site, and the
look/feel of the site. This role requires a person to be able to role up
their sleeves and to produce first rate web sites with atop notch look/feel
for the user. You will also be working with solid developers/software
engineers to implement the underlying applications.

If this is the wrong place for this posting, let us know!!! Also, if you
know of someone who might be interested in this opportunity, let them/us

If you are interested, send us your resume/CV and your contact information
and we will get back in touch with you. Once we review your skills, we will
share more information regarding our overall goals/strategies.


Bruce Douglas
bedouglas at earthlink.net
(925) 866-2790

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