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Derek Featherstone webadmin at furtherahead.com
Wed Feb 4 07:48:14 CST 2004

Chris Price wrote:
> Does anyone use access keys on their site?

We've specifically chosen not to, although not everyone agrees with us. We
have a series of articles on them at:

Using Accesskeys: Is it worth it?

More Reasons Why we don't Use Accesskeys

> What letters should be avoided or, alternatively, what keys would you
> consider safe? 

Letters are particularly vexing -- most people that employ them try to use
numbers, but even then sneak in a few letters because they want to add "a
few extra options". We've summarized as much as possible at:


> How does your visitor know what keys do what?

Certainly one of the problems... Others get around this by underlining or
bolding the letter as appropriate.

Just wanted to present an "alternative" view on accesskeys -- we *really* do
support the idea of accesskeys and allowing attachment of keystroke bindings
to elements on the page. We also believe, though, that we need to explore
other methods given that there are obvious difficulties with current
implementations of accesskeys.

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