[thelist] Wrap a function?

liorean liorean at f2o.org
Wed Feb 4 11:56:48 CST 2004

Ken Moore wrote:
> I'm am confused. What does it mean to "wrap a function?"

It depends a bit on context. Often what you mean is that you create a 
function or construct in one language that invokes a function from 
another language. Or it can mean the general action of taking a function 
from one evironment and expose it to another environment by enclosing it 
in a function or other construct (these environments may or may not be 
different languages, APIs, or libraries). It can also mean the action of 
enclosing a function in an closure, anonymous function or a block, 
depending a bit on what language or languages you're talking about. To 
determine exactly what is meant, one would need to know more of the context.

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