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There are numerous ways to do this but one way that is straightforward
enough is to load a separate (clock) swf into the looping animation.
clock movie runs independently of the parent (looping) movie...

following from MM documentation:

loadMovie("url",level/target[, variables])


url - The absolute or relative URL of the SWF file to be loaded. A
relative path must be relative to the SWF file at level 0. The URL must
be in the same subdomain as the URL where the movie currently resides.
For use in the Flash Player or for testing in test mode in the Flash
authoring application, all SWF files must be stored in the same folder,
and the filenames cannot include folder or disk drive specifications. 

target - A path to a target movie clip. The target movie clip will be
replaced by the loaded movie or image. You must specify either a target
movie clip or a level of a target movie; you can't specify both. 

level - An integer specifying the level in the Flash Player into which
the movie will be loaded. When you load a movie or image into a level,
the loadMovie action in the Actions panel in normal mode switches to
loadMovieNum; in expert mode, you must specify loadMovieNum or choose it
from the Actions toolbox. 

variables - An optional parameter specifying an HTTP method for sending
variables. The parameter must be the string GET or POST. If there are no
variables to be sent, omit this parameter. The GET method appends the
variables to the end of the URL, and is used for small numbers of
variables. The POST method sends the variables in a separate HTTP header
and is used for long strings of variables. 

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Question for you Flash gurus out there: I've got a really simple Flash 
animation that loops forever. No problem, that part works. What I would 
like to have in one corner of the movie is a timeclock showing the total

elapsed time since the movie first started playing. I don't want the 
clock to reset at the beginning of the loop.  I'm hoping I can do this 
with some kind of global variable to hold the time and some kind of 
"update the clock display" function that isn't stuck in each frame. If 
there is a good reference for this sort of thing or an online example, 
being pointed at that would kick ass.


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