[thelist] [OT] PHP book

Stewart and Company contact at stewartandcompany.net
Wed Feb 4 21:55:14 CST 2004

Dear List,

I recently came across a marvelous book at our local bookstore.  I
thought I written the title of it in my phone, but when I tried to
access it, there was no record of my note.  I have looked in the
bookstore again as well as the internet and have been unable to get the

Chances are good that one of you may have the book.  Could you please
help me with the name?

Here is what I remember about it:

He starts out showing how you can make a template with php that he names
"layout.php".  He describes classes.  Then he shows how you can
automatically generate META tags for each page using (if I remember
right) the classes feature.  He shows how to do something with
passwords.  And there's more, but I forget.

Does this give any clues?  Please help!  I'm desperate.

Will Stewart

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