[thelist] .NET HTML relative URI problem

Jason Handby jason_handby at illustraresearch.com
Thu Feb 5 08:56:32 CST 2004

Hi Sam,

> I have a .NET page that renders a "relative" URL to an image. 
>  Here's a clip of the HTML:
> <img id="Image1" 
> src="./tempcertificates/Course4032Client9617User3449101.gif" 
> alt="" border="0" />
> There are 2 things I don't like about the HTML, and I wonder 
> if either might be causing the problem described below:
> 1 - There should be two dots in the relative path.  src="../  
>   is how I
> code relative URLs by hand.  What's up with the single dot?

The single dot just means "the current directory". So


is the same as


> The problem is that some (very few) browsers are resolving 
> the IMG URI as:

The only time I've seen this before was ages ago when using Dreamweaver
-- for some reason it likes to put the files relating to a page into a
folder called <pagename>_file. I could be on the wrong track, but if
you're using Dreamweaver then you might want to look carefully at your
source and make sure that Dreamweaver is doing what you expect...


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