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Hi all, John just remarked that I used the wrong syntax for my tip so hear
it goes again:

<tip type="converting *.swf to *.fla" author="Eveline Vanhemel">
I am quite certain there are people amongst you who already had the same
problem I had today: I wanted to change a flash animation which I made some
time ago. Unfortunately I couldn't find the *.fla file anymore. All I had
was the *.swf file. So I went to search the internet for a tool that could
reverse the swf to fla. And indeed I found something:
fileinfo&parent=category&filecatid=3. Check this tool out, they offer a free
demo which does everything except the conversion of ActionScript. But he,
not all Flash has ActionScript in it. Anyway, it did the trick for me. ;-)
(They also have a payable version of the tool which does convert the



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