[thelist] Handling external links with JS

Toby Mills toby at tobymills.com
Thu Feb 5 11:37:54 CST 2004

I mentioned the depreciation of the target property because your code looked
like it used it: anchors[i].setAttribute("target","_blank");

I find that by doing <a href='http://siteurl' onclick="return
And then having a function newWin which opens a new window and returns false
to prevent the event from loading in that window.

Just a thought.

What's the rest of your code? I tried the solution I posted on one of my asp
pages as: 
	if(window.location.href.toLowerCase().indexOf(".asp") >= 0){
		alert('ASP Page')
and that worked fine. 

toby mills
web developer & programmer



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>> Firstly, the target attribute for links is being depreciated by the
W3C. The best method I have found to get around this >> is to use
javascript to open the link in a new window. <<

Right, that's why im wanting to use this script in the first place.
Instead of a pop() function, it will automatically pop a new window via

>> Otherwise, to answer your question, try :
>> if(window.location.href.toLowerCase().indexOf("out.php") >= 0){/*is
out page*/}

Thanks for trying, but it doesn't work either :(

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