[thelist] My ongoing problem with Google and the Studio Stitches site

Jane De'Ath janed at oakwebdesign.com.au
Thu Feb 5 20:16:03 CST 2004

Hello List!

A couple of weeks ago I posted to this list asking for some assistance with
a site at www.studiostitches.com.au which is giving me ongoing grief.

The difficulty is that Google does not find any information that is on the
sub-pages of the site.

A couple of people were very helpful and suggested that the java menu might
be causing probs and many thanks for those suggestions.  As suggested, I
added a simple <a href=...> menu at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, Google has now reindexed the page but the sub pages are still being

If you look at the site you will see that it even has a Google Search on the
index page, but even that fails to find any information from the sub-pages.
For example, searching for "doris" which is the name of one of the designs,
finds nothing.

I tried everything I can think of to get the sub-pages registering but it
mystifies me why they don't.  I have never stuck this problem with another
site, regardless of java menus.

I have even tried separately adding the sub-page URLs at the Google
submission page, although Google say this is not necessary.

If anyone can suggest what might be the problem with this site, I would be
ETERNALLY grateful.



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