[thelist] PHP encrypting data with gnupg

Jacques Capesius jacques_capesius at cnt.com
Fri Feb 6 10:29:05 CST 2004

Andrew Seguin wrote:
> What are the permissions on /my/path/filename.gpg ? Considering the
> webserver runs usualy under a different userid then your own, you
> have to make sure that the account your webserver uses has access to
> the file. 

when you encrypt something with gpg, it creates a new file with the same
name + gpg.
Thus, a file named encryptthis.txt will result in the creation of
The file winds up having the same permissions as the unencrypted file.

> To test that the script itself actualy works, try running it from the
> command line since then your script will then be running under your
> account.

ooh, i like that idea. thanks for the info. I'll see how it works.

-jacques :)

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