[thelist] Big diagram on webpage, Javascript to print?

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 11:45:54 CST 2004

> What about linking to PDF files, which will download or open the larger
> images depending on the user's browser settings?

My clients computer didn't have Adobe Reader on it, which kinda put me off
because this isn't going to be a particularly savvy audience.

Also, I wondered about the relative size of a PDF, but good grief it's
much smaller than my 20% compressed Jpeg (Jpeg 229Kb, PDF 89Kb).

Plus, it all fits on the page properly, whereas Firebird was making a pigs
ear of it (sorry pigs).

Yep, it's good, but it's still two steps for the user. They have to
understand to click the image/button to get an image they can then print
and then to return. That's a lot to ask I reckon. But if I can't get the
browsers to behave maybe it's the best there is, thanks :-)


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