[thelist] Website Search Engine Recommendations?

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Sat Feb 7 08:25:05 CST 2004

El vie, 06-02-2004 a las 22:40, Richard Morris escribió:
> I would like to extend the search facility on a web site to include extracts
> in context from the returned pages as well as the page titles. Ideally,
> there would be a Boolean option and the ability to exclude some folders from
> the search.
> The server is running Windows 2000 and is hosted with external hosts, so
> ideally it should run as ASP or other scripting rather than Perl (I don't
> think PHP is installed either).
> I seem to recall something like the Google site search with a short, snappy
> name?

Richard, the main contenders in the (opensourced) search engine world,
are http://www.htdig.org/ and http://www.mnogosearch.ru/ 

They don't apparently fit in with your server setup but are maybe 
worthy of some investigation time 

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