[thelist] Netscape 6 and javascript

Zhang, Lingling lingz at cs.umd.edu
Sat Feb 7 16:26:52 CST 2004

Ok, I've deleted "document.write document.all[id];", which I have no idea why is

However, the writeMenus() still didn't get called in Netscape 6.2. Any ideas?
See the code below:

<body onresize="if (isNS4) nsResizeHandler()" style="MARGIN: 0px"
onload="writeMenus();" ...>
In func.js file, I have:
function writeMenus() {
            alert("write menus");
            if (!isDOM && !isIE4 && !isNS4) return; 
When I tested in Netscape 6.2, the alert message didn't show up, and the menu
didn't get written. And there's no error either.


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>>  <SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="func.js">document.write

Your code is illegal.

You have included a javascript src=""...
The document.write in between the tags will never render on standards
compliant browsers.

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